Hodge Foundation

How to apply

The Hodge Foundation awards grants to charitable organisations based in the UK.
Sometimes we fund overseas projects via UK registered charities.
We are unable to provide grants to individuals.

Submitting your grant application

Applications should be submitted by email. Please note that we no longer accept applications by post.

What to include in your grant application

Project Description (As a guide, no more than 3 pages)

About the grant

  • Please include information explaining your organisation’s charitable aims and objectives.
  • Be clear who your target users are and which region will benefit.
  • What are your projected outcomes and how many people will benefit from your grant?
  • If this is a continuation of an existing project, what are your outcomes to date?
  • If you are collaborating with other organisations, please tell us about this.
  • If your grant request is for a one off project, what will be its legacy?

Budget (Attach to your description)

  • Please include a detailed project budget and proposed timetable.
  • Where will the balance of funds come from?
  • What other potential sources are you applying to for a grant?
  • Has any money been raised so far and from which sources?
  • If you are requesting funding for more than one year, your budget must reflect this.
  • Set out costings for each year of the project in table format.
  • Include totals for each item or area of expenditure.

Should we have any additional questions, we will contact you.

Annual Reports & Accounts

  • Only send us your annual report if it is not available on the Charity Commission website.
  • If you are applying on behalf of a division or subsidiary of a charity, please provide accounts relating to your area of activity as well as those for the registered charity (if not available on the Charity Commission website).
  • If your charity’s income is less than £10,000 we will need to see evidence of your income and expenditure for the past 3 years.

Successful applications

If your grant application is successful, we will confirm this in writing. Your grant offer may include certain conditions or requirements that must be met in order to benefit from the grant.

Unsuccessful applications

Whilst your application may fit our guidelines, a significant number of applications will be unsuccessful due to the high numbers we receive. In order to keep our administration costs to a minimum, we do not reply to all applications.

We would normally expect unsuccessful applicants to wait a minimum of 12 months before reapplying.

General Enquiries

Hodge Foundation
One Central Square
CF10 1FS

[email protected]
T: 029 2078 7674