Hodge Foundation

Grant holders

Successful applicants will receive a letter providing details of their grant and any grant conditions.

What to do next

Please confirm acceptance of the grant either by email as soon as possible. Include the information stated in the grant offer letter.

Progress Reports

  •  If the grant is for more than one year, please email reports annually.
  •  Brief updates during the year are welcomed also.
  •  We would particularly like to hear about any milestones during the project.

Final Report

These are a condition of the grant and should be emailed to the Foundation either at the end of the project or the end of the period covered by the grant.

Please note they should reach us no later than 2 months after project completion.

What to include in your Final Report

  •  A brief description of the project and how it was conducted.
  •  The extent to which it met the objectives stated in the original application.
  •  Were there any challenges to the project?
  •  Was it within budget and what were its outcomes?

From time to time we may wish to use images from particular projects on our website, if you are happy for us to use an image associated with your project please inform us and we should be grateful to receive a digital image.

Where to email your Reports:

[email protected]

Press and Publicity


Whilst the grants the Foundation provides are not influenced by whether publicity is received for them, we are delighted to support your organisation and are happy for you to acknowledge the grant the Foundation has provided for your project in related material.

In your accounts, we should be grateful that any grant received from us is appropriately acknowledged.


We can, where appropriate, provide quotes for press releases and announcements. A condition of our grant is that we formally agree all press releases and announcements. Prior to publication, please send a copy of your draft to the Foundation’s Administrator.


You may use our logo appropriately in material relating to the project we are supporting.  However, please obtain prior consent from the Foundation before using it.  We will supply a copy of our logo suitable for the purpose you have in mind.

Whilst we understand that it may not always be appropriate for you to use our logo, we should be grateful if it is used when other funders’ logos are being used when acknowledging their support also.

Named areas

On occasions, it has been suggested to us to have an area named after the Foundation following support to a particular project. If you should like to do this, prior to naming the area, please contact the Foundation to agree the exact wording.


When acknowledging us on your website we are happy for you to use our logo with prior consent. Please email us so that we may supply a suitable logo for your purpose.


If you require any further guidance, please contact us by email:

[email protected]
T: 029 2078 7674