Hodge Foundation

Huggard Centre

For the past 30 years Huggard has been providing support, help and accommodation to people who have found themselves sleeping rough on the streets of the Welsh Capital.  The Hodge Foundation has supported the Huggard Centre’s services tackling homelessness.

Huggard’s Day Centre works with over 1,200 people experiencing homelessness each year and provides a range of help and support to help end cycles of homelessness.

As a local charity, Huggard receives income from a number of sources including the Welsh Government and Cardiff Council. However, the cost of providing existing and developing new and innovative services is in excess of statutory funding received and therefore Huggard is dependent on income from grant and trust funding as well as from local businesses and the local community. The Hodge Foundation has worked closely with Huggard to look at existing services and to help identify ways in which the Hodge Foundation can not only help Huggard to achieve its aims of tackling homelessness and improving wellbeing, but also in ways that can help to improve the financial sustainability of the organisation.